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Loss & Gain

Thursday, December 29, 2011 14:09 3 Comments

If you are dealing with loss, I wish you healing, and if I can help, by listening, by offering advice, e-mail me. If you need to talk about how IBD/j-pouch surgery is affecting your life, respond to this post-let’s get more discussion going! This website is a blessing. It’s something for which I am eternally grateful. Thanks to Mark & Megan for taking the initiative to create something to connect and assist others who have or are experiencing what they have experienced. And, let’s all take a moment to honor those we’ve lost, and to honor ourselves for being survivors.

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Return from Pouch Paridise

Thursday, December 1, 2011 4:33 17 Comments

Bringing you an instant recap from my day of ass-reaming at the J-pouch resort that is Cleveland Clinic. This is trip number three for me total, trip two since I’ve been a bionic medical wonder, and trip two to see Dr. Shen, dubbed by me, “J-Pouch Jesus.” I flew out Monday and met up with […]

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