Body, You Suck.

by on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 11:01
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Today is one of the days I hate my body.  It is just not working with me!  The good news is, we got to Dallas safely and without too much hassle.  Thanks to a two-week dose of the dreaded Prednisone, I had energy and the roid-rage needed to move 2,000 miles.  I was also allowed the use of my hands and feet since it was keeping my Crohn’s-arthritis at bay.  By the way, is there any part of your body this disease leaves alone? Eyes, skin, guts, joints…Jeeze, dude, gimme a break!  I finished my last pill yesterday and am feeling the familiar deflated feeling one gets after stopping a dose of ‘roids.  I miss the energy it gave me, I miss not having this inflammation in my body.  I had a ton of blood work done before I set off south and east.  All my inflammation markers were really high-ESR and ANA.  I have appointments with a GI and a rock-star surgeon the first of November, but I can’t get into see a rheumatologist for a month. Fark.  I broke down and took Ibuprofen even though I’m not supposed to b/c of the tummy issues and because last time I took it, it made my legs swell up, but I just can’t take this!  You don’t realize how much you use your hands until you can’t use them.  My right middle finger will not bend at all which makes it hard to do basically everything-open doors, wipe my ass, you name it!  It is really swollen, red, and bruised looking.  My right thumb is nearing the same boat.  So far left hand is good and feet are okay (thank you Lord!!).  I’ve been swimming laps in our pool for much-needed exercise, and to try to keep my joints happy, but I am too wiped out today and think I might just sink to the bottom, so I figured a slow-typing blog was in order.  I’m thinking that Humira must have stopped working for me as it should be keeping arthritis at bay too,  especially with a double-dose of the stuff, and it’s soooo not.  Apparently I was a bad partner and it broke up with me without so much as a text or post-it.  Jerk.  Anyway, I’ll consult with my new GI in a few weeks and see what he thinks.  I don’t know if there are drugs enough in the world to reign in my Crohn’s at this point.  It’s a spoiled out of control superstar brat (think Lindsay Lohan) and it loves the limelight.  Meanwhile, I continue to prance around Dallas in my “Crohn’s Disease Sucks, Cure Crohn’s!” shirt.  And by prance, I mean lie on the couch and breathe.  I miss prancing.

UPDATE:  I have Lupus.  FML.

So…blood test results came back today. Yep, I have Lupus.  Hopefully it is medication-induced from a Crohn’s med. I’m taking and will go away when I stop it.  So, that explains the crazy painful arthritis and why my Crohn’s drugs weren’t helping it-they were causing it!  I’m laying here with a low-grade fever, covered in sweat contemplating my shit for luck and trying to count my blessings.  So, here’s hoping they can find another drug to control my Crohn’s that won’t give me yet another auto-immune disease.   I’m good on those for now, thanks.

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