update: on Ricardo and his J-pouch

by on Sunday, June 21, 2009 17:04
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Hello all I am sending out a post giving an update on Ricardo”s post recovery and life living with the Jpouch 3 months later.  Things are going okay let”s say not good but okay which is better than bad, however after living with the jpouch for 3 months Ricardo has officially gone back to work, is taking 1 immodium in the morning and at night, is having some issues with going to the bathroom so much, some leakage during sleep a couple of times, butt burn/itch often, not quite following a strict diet, and is feeling honestly down more often than usual because he is hoping what he is feeling and the issues he encounters so much won”t be forever.  Any tips on any of these issues would be good.  I tend to do the research for Ricardo and give him the feedback because he just is not the blogger nor does he take the time to sit down and read!!  The relationship between us is frustrating at times because I try to help him as much as possible and try to give him advice but I am so busy with our children and I am not sure what is right from wrong when it comes to eating, and taking anything that will help with going to the bathroom Here are a few libra horoscope celebrities born on October 7th and their romantic connections and associated sign:Simon Cowell (Libra) and Carmel Electra (Taurus)Toni Braxton (Libra) and Keri Lewis (Aquarius) libra horoscope Relationship CompatibilityOct 7More October 7 Birthday AstrologyOctober 7 is associated with Birthday Number 8October 7 is associated with Tarot Card 3 of WandsDiscover the most popular October 7 birthdays including Simon Cowell & Toni Braxton. so much, and with the butt burn and itch Ricardo has tried different types of creams from anti-itch, tucks pads, wipes to clean himself, etc.. I am not sure what else will help with online slots that problem so when I am out of answers and he is busy with work and trying casino to get back to routine he is depressed at times and frustrated at how he feels and casinoahels what he is going through.  I think he feels like he is 30 years old and too young to be going through See “In- school-delays.com Budgeting” for information about what to include and tools to help. this Determine if your home construction loan is owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. and doesn”t want to deal with bugging the nurses or Dr.”s to find out what to do.  His eating casino online habits-there is none, he just eats whatever he is hungry for, sometimes we have to eat out often due to running around and there Learn more about MyJob construction-jobs.info . have been times when whatever he has ate it has gone right thru him, and other times certain food causes him to go more often than others.

Ricardo”s health is overall okay  other than the issues that he encounter”s with the jpouch.  Ricardo has gone back to the gym recently which is good for him.  One other thing we are not sure of is his weight gain, Ricardo has not gained weight after surgery, and he eats so much at times but his weight is not picking up, is this common or what are some ways to gain weight?  Ricardo and I will be sure to keep everyone posted as time passes but again we thank everyone for your support and comments it helps us to get through this life changing situation that we always remind ourselves that we are not alone and it will get better, we just have to stay positive!

Christine and Ricardo

Dad's first day back at work. He is a correctional officer and works graveyard.. it explains his uniform and being it is night time.

on a field trip with our daughter in May 09'

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7 Responses to “update: on Ricardo and his J-pouch”

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    Elise says:

    June 22nd, 2009 at 8:00 am

    Hi Christine, thank you for the update on Ricardo. I hope that things just continue to improve for him. I am having my first surgery tomorrow. It helps so much to read about what everyone is going through.




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    Chaz & Lori Burton says:

    June 22nd, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Hi Christine,

    My husband had Ulcerative Colitus and had his takedown a month ago……I can relate so well to your post. As a partner it is difficult to set back & watch the one you love be so miserable. I want to control things & make him better, but that is not always possible. I do have a few ideas & tips that might help. Chaz( my husband) is also a eat what ever is not tied down kinda guy….so I understand …. These are just some things that have helped Chaz:

    -Ilex cream – After trying EVERYTHING this is the winner!! It stopped his BB within hours. Be careful though it is so thick it can glue his bum shut :-) (Which I guess isn’t a bad thing) As far as the itch goes—Chaz really has not found something that helps that yet.

    -Diet- Really effects not only his trips to the bathroom, but also how well he empties his pouch. He sticks to potatoes, rice, white breads, chicken, etc. He doesn’t take Imodium or anything, but he does notice that if he eats too much or too many combinations at a time he will PAY the price. He can’t eat cookies, cakes, a lot of dairy, red meat & things. He does not eat after dinner and we have been trying to eat dinner between 5:00 & 6:00pm. Eating is probably the most difficult for Chaz……as I’m sure it would be for me as well! :-)

    We pray things improve quickly!! Trust me I know how hard this is on a family. We have 3 boys of our own. We also have a blog if you would like to contact me later.



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    Megan says:

    June 22nd, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    Hi Christine, Thanks so much for the update. Sorry to hear he is having some issues but unfortunately issues are sorta to be expected. I wish you had known Mark and I many years ago when I sounded like you in this post. I used to do all the research, pass the info on to Mark, etc….Well, it was a long few years in that routine but what came out of it, was I became emotional exhausted and literally became sick myself with the stress of trying to help him when he wasn’t ready to care for himself. When Mark FINALLY realized that his disease was NOT just about him, and he was done feeling sorry for himself, done feeling SCARED, done pushing me and others away – he opened up and everything changed. I wish it hadn’t taken him to realize the breakdown in my health but it did. My best reecommendation to you guys is to get into couples therapy (I know expensive, but even 4 session could really help him) – he needs to understand the grieving process he is going through and a therapist can quickly help teach him how to better cope with such a traumatic and life changing health condition. Remember there is nothing common about his experience and so you need experts to help. I know it is probably a long shot to get him to therapy, but he needs to know he is allowed to have a period of emotional shutdown, but that he HAS to come back to life. Although he is the “sick” one in this, there are lots of people affected by it. I used to tell Mark, “this is not your disease, this is our family disease” . A good example of that is Chaz his disease definately affects his family just like you and your kids. But unlike Chaz and Mark, they both had been sick for years and prepared somewhat for surgery, whereas, you and Ricardo were “normal” one day and not “normal” the next. Please feel free to send me a private email or anything if needed, meganlee76(at)gmail(dot)com



    Christine Chavez Reply:

    Hello Megan, I totally relate to what you wrote. I feel like sometimes I am as sick as him, I started counseling a few weeks back because I felt guilty and really stressed as to what to do with him and how to handle those times where he is irritable and depressed, so far it is okay but she also advices he see someone or we see someone together to help. I did not expect things to be this way, but I am dealing with it the best I can but at this time we both need to deal with it and work on it. We are 3 months post op and I am still thinking it is early in recovery but having a family and life moving forward things have to improve asap! I tell Ricardo about counseling but he doesn’t say anything, he is kind of macho man type and will respond saying “I don’t need to talk to anyone” so it is frustrating, but he knows when he has pushed it too far and he wouldn’t jeopardize our family but he needs to be pushed to take a step forward. Example: Ricardo asked me to call the dr. for him and I responded saying “why don’t you call so you can explain everything that is going on with you, because it is hard for me to answer her questions regarding what you are feeling”, in response he gets irritated with me and doesn’t call himself and just acts so irritated with me for not doing it for him. I tried to explain to him that I am just as exhausted as him more emotional for me because having to endure everything before, during, and after surgery was traumatic for myself as well. I made all the phone calls before, got the results but it drained me and stressed me out so much because I worried that now I just don’t have the energy or the emotional stability to do it for him. I am trying to stay strong and be normal while taking care of the kids and homefront as best as I can while dealing with this situation on the side. Please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted with time. Thank you for your response and I also feel thankful to know I am not alone being the other person in this situation.


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    Paul Campbell says:

    June 27th, 2009 at 6:01 am

    Hi there, its been six months since my j pouch connection and i had a lot of discomfort from to many toilet trips but each time i went to the bathroom and had finished i wiped a product called Lucas’ Papaw ointment on the saw areas and it stopped and healed any further irratation, the ointment isn’t anything fancy but it helps like you wouldn’t believe, you can use this stuff for every thing, cracked lips, cuts, rashes, burns and nappy rash etc. Look it up on the net, it is made in Australia so you might have to order some but it helped me great deal.
    For putting on weight i have also had a lot of trouble but complex carbs are important and creating the demand is important, meaning you need to exercise/lift light weights to ensure your muscles can absorb the protein and carbs, make sure you dont lift to hard or do stomach related exercises because that effected me in a bad way and it set me back..
    I would try lots of mashed potato or sweet potato, pasta, chicken, eggs, rye bread, just make sure he doesn’t rush his eating and chewing well is important to help his digesting..

    In my first surgery when i had a colostomy bag i lost 15 kgs / 33pounds and the only thing that put the weight back on was beer but only a wheat based beer like fosters and it slowed my out put, one or two a night every second night, but now with the j-pouch its not helping the same way but it might help maybe something to try.


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    Gina Chapman says:

    June 30th, 2009 at 8:37 pm


    I had my take down in March 2003. I have been battling with the irritated bottom and frequency as well as pouchitis since. I take cipro when things get really bad and that usually clears it right up, the pouchitis.
    as far as the frequency for me diet is everything. if i eat lots of carbs then things are better, however i have determined that part of the pouchitis issue and the itchy bottom are from yeast. i purchased some yeast cream that women buy over the counter for yeast infections and applied it to the bottom and it actually helped. without the colon the stool doesn’t have a chance to breakdown everything and thus yeast can form. Yogurt is a great super food to eat. easy to digest, good for you and helps the natural flora in the bowel. I also take Zoloft for anxiety. I guess always concerned about where bathrooms are, etc…anyway the Zoloft will normally constipate a person, but someone with a j-pouch well it does slow things down and i can tell when i don’t take it…i am anxious and need to potty more. Chewing the food completely and making sure that you eat at least 4 hours before bed has helped with nighttime accidents. i hope that some of my experiences help :) Good luck and you can do it, you aren’t alone. I was 36 when this happened, just had a baby already had a 6 year old and a wonderful spouse. Keep a positive attitude :) Oh yeah, one of my favorite things to do when the skin is really bad is to run a hot bath with Epson salts and soak. then i usually use the A&D ointment (cheap and works great).


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    Christine Chavez says:

    July 7th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you, thank you so very much for your responses it really helped us. Ricardo sat down and read the responses also and it brought his spirits up to know he wasn’t alone nor is it an easy recovery for anyone. There are things to help cope and to ease some of the issues with Jpouch surgery but as the patient you have to do your part to make it happen. We hope and pray for everyone to stay strong and be patient in such tough times and know that things will get better.
    We will continue to keep everyone posted in the future.


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