A Picture Speaks 1,007 words

by on Saturday, May 16, 2009 4:47
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On this rainy but warm Saturday in Georgia, I am working on a presentation for an environment design research conference (my job outside of being a jpouch.net blogger).  The presentation I’m giving is on a case study of a sustainable and univerasally design inteiror renovation for a man with a spinal cord injury.  The client is a c-5 quadrapeligic after a skiing accident 20+ years ago. But his injury has NOT stopped him from living his life as an outdoorsman.  But more than anything is his overwhelming sense of humor for the challenges in his life.

And in this picture you can see that he and his incredible wife named their boat “Quadzilla” — talk about positivity in a complex reality, but the lesson for both Mark and myself is that you have to find humor in life, but you also can keep living no matter how extreme your situation.  This family has been a huge inspiration for us.

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