Fastest Wiener in the West!

by on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 22:19
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ellielizzy Does this wiener look like she can run or what? On the heels of Eric”s post about his exciting bike tour in NYC, comes my less-exciting, yet equally amazing adventure.  As ya”ll (ah hem) might know, I am from Kentucky and I gotta celebrate the KY Derby this Saturday! I recently moved to the West Coast, to Portland, and found out through a friend that the race track here has a KY Derby party complete online casino with a wiener dog race! (I just happen to have a wiener dog! Is this fated or what?)  I could not resist entering my girl.  She”s been such a great friend to me through all the years of sickness and surgeries and I”m glad we are getting to do something fun together finally! So, see people? Recent J-pouch surgery? J-pouch Crohn”s? You can still live your life, and often better than before. This is our first wiener dog race, and yet I have a feeling that one has not lived until one has raced one”s wiener.  I think Ellie and I are at a slight advantage if only due to our KY pedigrees, but I”ll keep you posted of the results! In the meantime, get out and ride a bike, race your wiener! Live that colonless life, baby!


Liz & Eleanor Wiener (The soon-to-be fastest wiener in the West!)

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    Georgann says:

    May 4th, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Well, how did you guys do? Did Ellie the fast wiener in the west make her Mama proud?


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