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by on Saturday, March 21, 2009 10:18
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Home sweet home. I missed my labradoodle so much! It feels amazing to be home! Here is to life with no colon!We want to introduce Jamie to everyone. She is going to be sharing her story and journey back to health on this site, as well as on her personal blog.  We are working on getting her set up as a blogger, but in the meantime, she sent us the most incredibly warm and positive email that I wanted to share with you. Now, we are sharing this not because she just said kind things about the site :), but because she embraces the voice we so encourage that to heal well even in all the complications and struggles remaining positive is CRUCIAL!   We are so excited she is joining us, and hope you give her a warm welcome.

Also, i was so glad to read on your website that you guys are enjoying life so much Athens! I completely understand about being the sick couple – my husband and i totally fall under that label. I can’t even begin  to tell you the number of times we have had to cancel plans due to my health. It will be so refreshing when all this is behind us as we can once again enjoy being just another young couple. …Your site is so amazing – throughout my illness and my decision to have surgery I always found refuge in your site as Mark and the rest of the stories always had a positive spin even if people had complications. A positive attitude is the one thing that can make all the challenges of this disease and surgery manageable.Thanks for starting such a great site!  Take care, Jamie

Jamie is updating her journey at http://jamieucstory.wordpress.com/

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