Livin' Life with a J-pouch

by on Monday, February 2, 2009 21:38
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whitewaterOkay, so I think one of the big *fears* that people have about this surgery is how it might impair their quality of life. To them I say this; it has only improved mine.  Allow me to give you a scenario:  Shopping pre-surgery involved stabbing abdominal pains while browsing for blouses.  “Mother F@#!%!” that hurts!! But…oh what a cute shirt…” Followed soon by a “can”t-get-there-fast-enough” dash to the bathroom. “Where the hell is the bathroom!!?!?” Wait, scratch that last question, I always knew where the bathroom was then. Now, I find out where it is when I need to go. And now when I need to go usually does not involve an Olympic-paced sprint.  (Yeah…I can run that fast.) Now I can browse for blouses and I can *drum roll please* hold my crap!!

Now, I know J-pouchers that do crazy, extreme sports kinda shit, and I salute them! One of my good friends rock-climbs, sky dives, swims with sharks (which would really make me crap my wetsuit).  Generally, I do not find my J-pouch to be a hindrance, and although I”d love to go skydiving, I”ll skip the sharks, thank you.  Sometimes there are problems, but it”s still in its toddler phase, so what can I expect?

One good thing I have noticed, and some may find the good part debatable, is that I online casino really cannot drink alcoholic beverages without having an instant headache. I think this may be completely unrelated to my J-pouch and more an issue with my medicines…and not that I was a raging alcoholic before, but damn I really don”t like to drink now.

I guess the thing I love most about my J-pouch is forgetting about it. Most of the time I feel like a regular ole” coloned human.  (Even though, in reality, I am a super bad ass bionic J-pouch woman). Even amidst the Crohn”s and whatnot, it really does not bother me too much. Some guy on the board was asking about what life was really like with a pouch, and I honestly replied, “Sir, I heart my J-pouch.” (Can we get that on a bumper sticker puh-lease?)

But seriously, I can dance again…I can do so many little things now that before seemed like a daunting task.  Now, my main problem is simply remembering to stay motivated.  But, I have done some pretty rockin” things with this bad boy. I went whitewater rafting on one of the most difficult rivers in the world this summer, and I made it my biach.  Class V rapids got nothin” on this J-pouch.

So, I”d say for most of us, even those of us *a-hem* (me) with several complications, a J-pouch is a pretty great neo-organ.  I seriously cannot use it as an excuse to sit on my ass, but rather, as an excuse to make friends with it again.  To shop more, jump out of planes, to float down a river of pounding waves and sharp rocks, and market bumper stickers that will all only confound the general population.bumpersticker

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5 Responses to “Livin' Life with a J-pouch”

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    Brevin says:

    February 3rd, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    Awesomeness times infinity.
    I’m currently making a list of things I want to do once UC free with the ol’ JPouch. To be honest, blouse shopping and skydiving isn’t on the list, and neither is the word “shark”. But as a shout out to such optimism, I’ll include “blouse shopping for sharks while jumping out of a plane”.


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    Erika says:

    February 13th, 2009 at 11:49 am

    As I sit here, I have a 101.3 fever, on prednisone (again) and the remicade I have been for 5 years has stopped giving it’s all. Needless to say, UC has literally kicked my ass and the option of surgery is my next step. I’m terrified, and I’m sure you felt the same way. But I want to thank you for your story of life with the J-pouch. It gives me hope, calms my fears, and reminds me that I am stronger then this disease and the more I learn, the more hopeful I am. Thank you for contributing this website, and cheers to you for a life without disease!


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    Beatriz M says:

    November 4th, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Dude your personality f in Rocks’ !!!! I luv it! I have an ileostomy and going for the second surgery in dec…you are so right about how things were before with UC…going out to public places and hoping to make to the stall…Now i look forward at everything and especially eating almost everything i love! I am cook and own a catering co so passion food its entirely my life!…your list sounds great and hope i can accomplish some of those. keep rockin’ that positivetly around cuz negativety is a bore!…


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    Chrislee veloz says:

    January 8th, 2013 at 11:13 am

    My twelve year old daughter has a jpouch and plays soccer and works out four days a week. She had the surgery when she was eleven and she is so happy that she did. For us it happened very quickly. She was having stomach issues for about two years and was misdiagnosed during that time.  She progressively got worse and had to be taken to the hospital where she was finally diagnosed with UC.  She ended up staying in the hospital for over a month. Long story short we had no choice but to remove her large intestine. Today she looks amazing and for the most part feels good. She has very weird sensations, loose stools and goes to the bathroom about six times a day, but she is healthy.


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    Createurs de Luxe says:

    February 20th, 2015 at 5:46 am

    Createurs de Luxe

    Jpouch Life: Stories of Colitis, Crohn’s, IBD, Ostomy, Ileostomy & J-Pouch Surgery from around the world

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