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by on Friday, January 30, 2009 10:00
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Comments on Jpouch.netI don’t think we can stress enough how important your comments are to us! On 148 posts, we’ve had a whopping 578 comments. Keep ’em coming!

This week we expressed our sympathies to Mike, who had some bad news. In response to that, if you have some relationship stories you’d like to share, please post them!

We also welcomed Jessalyn to the site, as she shared her story with everyone.

And after reading Abby’s update, we realized that a web search for ‘pouchoscopy’ yielded only speculative results. Well, a little Wikipedia account creation and editing took care of that, and it also resulted in a great conversation with “superman” from the U.K.

Finally, Brevin wrote what is probably the funniest list of questions for a surgeon that we have ever seen. In fact, we’re going to stop now and go re-read them… right after we experiment with time traveling over dinner!

Thanks for a great week everyone!

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