Meet My Hernia

by on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 13:13
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I’ve just returned from a post-surgery follow-up (more hyphens anyone?) with my surgeon. I scheduled the appointment because I noticed something squishy around my incision. Since all my friends happen to be doctors, they all told me it was an umbilical hernia. In my nicely ignorant state of medical knowledge (with apologies to my wife who is also a doctor), I thought hernias were something that happened to old men who tried to save mechanics stuck beneath an automobile when the hydraulic lift has collapsed. You know, the adrenaline rush, and you lift something too heavy. Like Clark Kent in the first Superman? (Except that analogy is terrible because Clark Kent, being Superman, wouldn’t get a hernia even if that was how you got hernias). Well, I was wrong, dead wrong. Here’s a video of what it looks like. It’s my first video, so pardon the wonkiness. My surgeon wants to have it repaired, but she said I could finish out the ski season first so I could have some fun (all of 2008 was pretty much lost to sickness). I’ll keep you updated. Anyone with hernia experience out there?

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    superman says:

    January 28th, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Just shows how wrong you can be, I had an incisional hernia at the top of my midline incision repaired with mesh about 3 years ago. The surgery was straightforward and had I been in theatre earlier I would have been home the same day, as it was I stayed overnight. Unfortunately I got a wound infection which knocked me back a bit and since then the hernia has recurred, obviously too much leaping of tall buildings.

    At the moment I have no plans to get it fixed again, it is not bothering me (I think the mesh is still holding it partly in) and I’ve had enough of hospitals and operating rooms for a while. Obviously this might change in the future.

    Faster than a speeding bullet


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