New Hemorrhoid & Flashback

by on Monday, January 19, 2009 9:31
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Image from Celtnet Medicine. If you click on the image it will link you to the same photo but it will explain the image in detail.

Image from Celtnet Medicine. If you click on the image it will link you to the same photo but it will explain the image in detail.


How are you doing?  I’m okay but I’ve got some things on my mind.  Last night Megan and I went out to a great little Italian restaurant. Since we are new to town we still have the excitement of trying new restaurants. We were very gluttonous at dinner, we had 2 glasses of wine, salad, dinner, desert and coffee. It was a great dinner, and now that Megan has finished her PhD program she has some more time to relax and enjoy her time off.

Anyway, I started telling her that I had to get up late last night to take a bath to help my new hemorrhoid – my new external hemorrhoid.  I’ve only had the exterior type that are prolapsed (which have caused my skin tags).  I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable with this thing and I’m thinking I may need to go get some medicine to use that is higher strenght, although Nupercanal is a great OTC topic med.  I’m also really struggling with the old skin tags from my old prolapsed hemi’s, those of you who have followed my story know that these have been an issue for me.  When I had my surgery the doctors didn’t want to remove my skin tags because they said I’d be more uncomfortable. I feel like they aren’t sanitary and they are causing me issues. I want to get another opinion on how to handle them.

Talking about my hemi’s with Megan made me flashback to my first surgery and something that bothered me that the surgeons never told me about – Right after the 1st surgery I began feeling pressure on my anus, my instinct was to try to hold in what I was feeling but you can’t because you just had that surgery.  I told the resident surgeon and she didn’t know what is and she even tried draining my anus (that was not fun).  I left not knowing what this was, went home and started draining a  milky fluid from anus (even though I had the temp ileo). We posted on to find out if others had dealt with this, and many people responded YES.  Turns out after I went for my follow up and told the surgeon again, that this was completely normal and my new bowel was still working and producing mucous that I should expell when needed.   Not sure why this was a flashback that I wanted to write about other than I wish, really wish, I had been told by my medical staff to expect this. I also wish that 3rd year residents who are just about to be practicing GI surgeons knew about this!

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    WholeHeartAndSoul says:

    January 19th, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    I really wish doctors and med students would visit this site and read these entries. I have had similar experiences of wishing doctors had told me the details of what to expect. It would in the very least have saved THEM the time of having to answer my pages on Friday and Saturday nights asking “Is this normal?” At least they have been patient with receiving those calls. But this issue is just another way that this site is helping others. Thank you! Oh and by the way – I have that experience of having flashbacks and just needing to write or talk about them too. I think it’s about giving a voice to my experience, even if it’s after the fact, that feels empowering.


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    jm says:

    January 20th, 2009 at 3:50 am

    The question of passing mucous is one that comes up time and time again. Often patients are not told to expect it and it quite freaks them out when it happens. When they are told they are often told to expect to need to expel a ‘small amount’ of mucous occasionally, in my experience they have no concept of what a small amount is. When I had my loop ileo I passed bucket loads of the stuff and found myself sitting in the loo far more often than I did after takedown.


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