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by on Monday, January 12, 2009 20:31
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toppostsWe had to re-do our site metric tracking service a few weeks ago, so we had a fresh start on stats. Anyway, hello to the 2 readers in Egypt! and here’s a recap of the top 3 posts from this (last) week:

Mark’s 9 Month Update, even though it wasn’t posted recently, had the most visitors. “My life 9 months with my jpouch now is completely normal, I don’t think about being sick…”

UC to Jpouch to Crohn’s “I begged my mother to, “please, please not take me to the hospital,” but by the time she was dragging me only by sheer determination to the car (vomit bag in tow)…”

Mark’s 15 Month Update “The one thing I can report about living with a jpouch is that of the pouch’s adaptability…”

Stay healthy and strong everyone!

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