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by on Friday, January 9, 2009 16:59
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Worst Toilet in Scotland

It has been a while since I was on a good fiber schedule due to the unrest in our life with selling the house, moving, and being insanely busy. But now that we’ve settled back down in our new town and into our new home, I’ve been able to get back into a routine. And I’ve started taking fiber again.

I prefer to take Metamucil powder and drink it once a day in the night (not sure why at night but that is when I seem to remember). I like taking fiber because it makes my BMs way less watery, which is helpful for making me feel more normal due my more solid movements. However, there is a down side and that is the gas that I do experience and am having to get used to having. Fiber makes me gassy. During the day this means that often I think I need to have a BM but when I go the bathroom it is just gas and sometimes “splatter butt” (you don’t need me to explain splatter butt do you – if you had/have UC you know splatter butt). The gas doesn’t hurt but it can be a bit annoying to have such loud gas and then the light splatter. But again, a far cry from being sick with UC or anything else. I guess the point of my post is that fiber is my friend.

In honor of the bad UC days, here is the classic scene from Trainspotting: The worst toilet in Scotland.

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