Stem Cells & Colitis

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With an election around the corner in the U.S. we really need to be well versed in issues that affect the million plus people living with IBD diseases like UC.

Here is the deal, these are the objective facts:  Stem cells are part of human tissue and every tissue has individual stem cells.  Part of healing diseases or understanding diseases like UC involves studying and understanding how stem cells can help heal tissue.   The colon (the entire instestine) renews quickly. Hence the reason many UC people go into remission.   If researchers can understand these cells then we can make advances in healing diseases like UC.  Here Karen Leigh Edelblum, Ph.D. from Health Talk helps explain stem cells better than me.

Starting August 25, the incredible Health Talk has put together the webcast:  “Stem Cells: Getting Closer to a Cure for Colitis WebCast by Health Talk”  — I haven’t listened yet, but I will soon when I have more time, and I recommend you check it out, I’ve learned so much from the excellent Health Talk webcasts.


Both McCain and Obama state they are for stem cell research.   Obama has been clear he supports stem cell research including embroynic research. There is concern from some people that McCain strong Pro-Life standpoint will influence him to later change his pro-stem cell stance.  Although in 2005 McCain reportedly changed his stance to support stem cells because of Nancy Reagan’s adminant support for stem cell research (due to her experience with Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s Disease).  

Update Aug 30, 2008:  Sarah Palin, the VP candidate for McCain. Her record is anti-everything, including NO STEM CELL research.

I just ask that you please educate yourself on stem cell research before November, and when you vote, be sure you make peace with the candidate and their decision about stem cell research. 

Visit this link to see a beautiful photo of the human stem cell  Annie Cavanagh and Dave McCarthy

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