Tony Snow: Dies at 53 yrs

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Tony Snow

July 12, 2008:  Tony Snow has died from colon cancer, he was 53 years old.  Tony Snow served as White House Press Secretary for Bush, and other republican political ties. This post isn”t about politics, but the politics of IBD rather. This post is about the fact that he UC for 25 years.  After living with UC for 25 years, he found he had colon cancer, eventually the cancer spread to the liver which ended his battle.  In 2005 he had his colon removed from cancer, and in 2007 was back in care for an abdominal growth. 

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About the risks of UC/CD becoming Cancer:  Since I am not a medical professional on this topic, I”ll only provide you with the links to proper sites so you can get accurate information.  Click here for the  CCFA Update on Colorectal Cancer: Knowledge is Prevention .  This is a webcast, article and brochure about the topic, and discusses what are the risks of colon cancer and IBD, etc…

PDF Brochure Click Here:  Bringing to Light the Risk of Colon Cancer for Crohn”s and Colits Patients

Excerpt from Brochure page 2: 



Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), are chronic diseases that inflame the digestive Wer an diesen erstklassigen online Spielautomaten spielt, erlebt Weltklasse Gaming Action, die sich direkt an seinen Fingerspitzen abspielt. or gastrointestinal (GI) system. Specifically, ulcerative colitis inflames and causes sores in the colon, while Crohn’s disease can inflame any part of the GI tract, including (in some cases) the colon. If you have had inflammation of the colon, you are at a higher risk for developing CRC than the general population (unless your inflammation is limited to the very bottom of the rectum). If your Crohn’s is limited to the small intestine, you are at a slightly increased risk for cancer in the areas that were inflamed. Even if your disease is in remission, you remain at risk.

The two factors that are associated with increased cancer risk are disease duration and the extent of the colon involved. The risk for CRC doesn’t start increasing until eight to 10 years after you develop Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. People whose entire colon is involved have the greatest risk, and those with inflammation of the rectum only have the least risk.”

Please cllick here to keep reading and gaining accurate information about the risks:  Bringing to Light the Risk of Colon Cancer for Crohn”s and Colits Patients 



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