Friends said: “Wish We’d Known”

by on Friday, May 23, 2008 21:10
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Last night some friends came into town and we went out for a great Italian dinner. We got to talking about how much things have changed, and how I weigh 140 pounds now 5’6″. Just saw my weight, my UC weight was around 120-125. They were saying how they felt bad that while I was so sick and going through the medicine trials, and all the coping to prepare for surgery that they weren’t there more to support us. They said, “we knew you were sick, but were so involved in our own lives.” We just tell them we had tons of support once people really started realizing how sick I was. Megan mentioned that now we and they know that if a friend is sick and not getting better, get in there, ask questions. If you show real interest and they need the support they will respond.

Side Note Pouch Related: Yes, we had wine. Yes, I do drink some with my jpouch. This question is often asked about whether I drink with my pouch or not, just too much will upset me just like anyone!

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